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Blogger Spotlight: My Silly Little Gang

Name of Your Blog: My Silly Little Gang

My Silly Little Gang

Name: Silvie Armas

Link to Site: My Silly Little Gang

Q: What made you want to become a blogger?

  • A: I have been writing my blog for almost 2 years and I started blogging as a way to record my family’s day to day memories. Also as a place to share my recipes.

Q: What sites or bloggers inspire you?

Q: What is one thing you are most proud of as a blogger?

  • A: I love it when I get positive comments on my recipes.

Q: What is your favorite post you have written to date?

Q: Give us one random fact about YOU

  • A: Purple is my favorite color

Q: What advice would you give a new blogger?

  • A: Number no matter how important you may think they are, how much you enjoy blogging is what should really matter. Numbers…they’ll come eventually.
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