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Blog Hop with Your Host, Review Wire Media

Blog Hops are a great way to get your product seen! In a blog hop, a list of giveaways is shown for all the participating bloggers, which can range in participants. The hop has a dedicated start and end date. Readers can click on each giveaway and “hop” down the list.

There are two options:

Blog Hop Giveaway or Review Featuring ONLY Your Products

A campaign will be created that enables your company to work with, as many bloggers as needed. Your company will provide all participating bloggers with a Product(s) to Review with a retail value of at least $50. Each blogger will publish an article that contains important facts about the product and brand, a link back to your company website and/or social media outlets, alongside their Review of the Product and entry form to host the Giveaway. The retail value of the giveaway must be at least $50. The article is then promoted every day on the bloggers’ social media channels throughout the giveaway. The reader will then hop to each blog to enter to win different products from your company!

An example of a Dedicated Blog Hop: Brooklyn Bean Roastery


Blog Hop with You Sponsoring The Grand Prize

Create a “themed” campaign based on your brand/or company. For a hop, we would invite other bloggers to join in the blog hop with a different product to giveaway that is focused toward the same “theme.” Your company would supply The Grand Prize which has a minimum retail value of $100. The Grand Prize information and company name will also be listed on the other blogs taking part in the event.

For instance, we created a Wine Down Blog Hop which focused on Wine. Other bloggers participated by giving away wine-related items and gift cards to purchase wine! Our review/overview of the product and giveaway is listed first amongst the other products being given away on the hop list that is shown on all blogs. The reach is proven and very cost effective.

The Sponsor of a Blog Hop will receive the company logo placed in the article announcing the Blog Hop and links back to the company website for the duration of the event.

An example of a Sponsored Blog Hop: Gobble Till Ya’ Wobble Hop

Key benefits of using a Blog Hop to promote your brand:

  1. Utilizing social media outlets and increasing your online presence.
  2. Gives the readers a chance to purchase your product online.
  3. Showcase the brand social media channels; new fans equals new customers!
  4. Create a sense of community with your existing and new customers.
  5. Contact Dena@TheReviewWire.com for pricing and to get your Blog Hop started!


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