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The Review Wire Media, LLC. will create a campaign based on your company and/or a specific product. We will pair bloggers to the campaign based on the companies budget/guidelines. These bloggers will be provided (by the TRW Media Team) an article that contains detailed information about the brand/product(s), a link back to the company website and/or social media outlets and the entry form for the Giveaway. Participating bloggers will be required promote on their social media outlets at least twice a week.

An example of a Blog Event: Moana

Sponsored Articles

If you are short on time, looking to promote a product, event, contest or anything else, let our team write a 300-500 word article based on your needs. The Sponsored Articles include a no-follow link to your website and social media pages. The article will also include photos that are provided by your company (or photos taken by blogger if the product is sent).

The post will be published on participating bloggers social media pages including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Additionally, the post will be highlighted in their daily email newsletter.

Book Blasts

Are you an author? Have a new book that you’d like to promote? No problem, let the Review Wire Media take care of your advertising efforts with a Book Blast! A Book Blast Tour consists of book reviews, author interview, guest posts, tens lists, and excerpts. To have your book reviewed you must have hard copies available and be willing to ship printed copies. All books must be family friendly. I can customize a package to fit your needs and budget!

To see an example of a Book Blast, click here.

Contact Dena@TheReviewWire.com for pricing 


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