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Blogger Spotlight: Fashion Beyond Forty

Name of Your Blog:  Fashion Beyond Forty

Name: Joely Smith

Blogger of the Month: Fashion Beyond Forty

Link to Site:  Fashion Beyond Forty

Best One-Sentence SEO Tip: Be true to your blog post, don’t stick in a bunch of unrelated keywords, a few great keywords are better than a slew of inaccurate ones.

Q: What made you want to become a blogger?

  • A: I have been writing since I was a young teenager. I used to write poetry, then later wrote a novel which was self-published. In 2000 I began a blog that was dedicated to spirituality although I no longer blog there. Now I am dedicated to blogging about fashion, beauty, and daily happiness for women 40 and over. I wanted to become a blogger to share with others empowerment, enlightenment, and encouragement. Although my Fashion Beyond Forty blog is not about spirituality I believe a lot of my older posts from my spiritual blog still apply and sometimes I share those on my fashion blog. I believe we all need to be empowered and cared about. I can do this through blogging regardless of the topic of my blog.

Q: What sites or bloggers inspire you?

  • A: Oh so very many and for different reasons. I could never possibly list them all, nor would I want to leave anyone out. I can say that being involved in blogger groups is new to me and so wonderful to be a part of. We offer encouragement, support, and help to each other.

Q: What is one thing you are most proud of as a blogger?

  • A: One thing I am proud of as a blogger is how fast my fashion blog has grown, the devotion of my readers, and how many brands I have supporting my blog offering wonderful giveaway prizes to the readers.

Q: What is your favorite post you have written to date?

  • A: My favorite post to date is really hard to select because I think every time I write a new post it becomes my current favorite but if I had to select one I would choose is my post on James&Co Faux Leather Vegan Jacket. I really love the photos my husband took of me in the jacket and love the company. They are wonderful to work with. 

Q: Give us one random fact about YOU

  • A: I am a natural-born night owl! I can force myself to get up early and be somewhat productive but my brain is not truly engaged until the moon comes up!

Q: What advice would you give a new blogger?

  • A: Do not underestimate the time involved in starting a blog! You have to become a writer, SEO expert, you have to have basic HTML knowledge, learn about products, learn how to promote and market your blog and the products you write about. You will want to join groups with other bloggers as well. Taking photos, editing, making collages, banners, etc and so on. It is truly endless what blogging can become. We joke at our home, as my husband also blogs, that it is the Blogger Rabbit Hole. We love doing it but it is a ton of work. I spend more time per week on my blog than my full-time job! You will need a lot of patience and a ton of energy. It is however, immensely rewarding.
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    Holly S.
    February 3, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    Congrats Joely! You totally deserve it! Love your blog!

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